Industry Hub will help you quickly launch and operate your own marketplace. We take care of getting customers to you through Digital Marketing, SEO and Other Tools. Simply follow these 3 steps and we will take care of the rest. 

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Using our marketing experts, we make sure that you reach your right customer which returns value to you. We not only monitor our own stats, but work 24X7 to improve your digital presence. 

Today, having an online catalog is a must. Create a professional online store to sell your products quickly. Get all the tools you need to grow your business. You get a dedicated link to your digital store.

Your store is optimised for getting great rankings on search engines. Add search engine metadata for categories and products to improve your SEO

Get a full overview of your sales through an intuitive reports dashboard. Keep track of your orders and total sales easily.

Share your contact details and let your visitors connect with you directly to do offline and online transactions. 

As all your information, inlcuding location, email and phone number is displayed on your profile, the customer can contact your directly and you can also see your customer details like email and send them specific offers. 

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As a supplier you can always ask your customer to pay offline. In case the customer decides to pay online, the customer pays the online fee and you get what you display. This helps you to offer best competitive price. 

Let the orders pour in and manage them easily. Change order status from New to In-process, Shipped or Cancelled and add notes to keep a tab on all orders.

Create professional-looking invoices for your clients within minutes. Keep your branding consistent by adding your own logo, brand colours, and fonts in just a few clicks.

Set inventory for products and their variations. Get a low on stock warning. Decide how you want to handle out of stock products

A simple two-step checkout makes visitors place their order easily and quickly so you generate more sales and revenue.

Adding products couldn’t be simpler. Duplicate an existing product to add new products to make the process even quicker. You can simply import all existing products from your database.

Add new staff members and set their access permission: Let other people access admin without giving access to sensitive information.

Add new staff members and set their access permission: Let other people access admin without giving access to sensitive information.

Customer can make inquiries to you directly even if you are online. This helps you to create your own specific FAQ system.

Your customer can propose a price directly on the system for bulk or retail quantities and you can either accept or reject the offer. If you accept their offer, they can pay online without affecting your displayed price. 

You can create discounts for your customer if we wish to pay online. You you can simply create bargain deals for your products. 

Your company specific policies are displayed on your profile page, product page and on your invoices. 

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